DBA (Defense Base Act)

The Law Office of Matthew T. Singer handles DBA Claims on behalf of injured contractors who serve overseas under contract from the United States Government.  The DBA is a small niche area of law that few people know about yet it covers civilian and security contractors who go to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries for the United States Government.

It is important to choose an experienced DBA attorney who knows the tricks of the trade and is used to dealing with the insurance companies, the U.S. Department of Labor and the Office of Administrative Law Judges.  Mr. Singer has represented contractors from all over the world and has tried cases and won at the Office of Administrative Law Judges headquarters in Washington D.C. among other places.  As a DBA attorney Mr. Singer knows the importance of communicating with clients and preparing them for what can be a difficult process.  As a DBA attorney Mr. Singer enjoys fighting for benefits for those who risk their lives for the safety and security of our country.  If you have been injured overseas contact us today to find out if your claim falls under the DBA.

Our client’s satisfaction with our services speaks louder than any statement we could make on our own behalf and is our end goal.  To find out more information about the DBA (Defense Base Act) please visit our site dedicated to this area of law www.Overseas-Contractors.com. 

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