Richard Severson

Matt Singer was of invaluable help to my son and my family.  My son, Weston, served with Halliburton in Afghanistan and was injured.  AIG stood in his way for years, blocking his treatment and delaying his recovery.  After years of trying to resolve this issue, we finally succeeded getting my son his necessary disk replacement surgery.  We eventually found and contacted Matt late in our fight.  He helped us quickly get the final resolution and settlement with the insurance company through arbitration.  If we had known to contact him earlier, we would not have had a six year ordeal with unbelievable anguish and pain.  I highly recommend his services.

Richard Severson

Retired Army Officer

Former Halliburton Director of Logistics, Middle East and Central Asia

Former Department of Army Civilian in Bagram, Afghanistan

Jacob Henderson

I was injured in Iraq working as a security contractor in 2008, which started as a nightmare when the insurance companies were always looking for ways not to help you.  I highly recommend the law office of Matthew T. Singer. The knowledge of DEFENCE BASE ACT insurance is second to none. I know about second to none, as a former US NAVY SEAL I recognized a professional in the way my case was conducted; he was outstanding.  All my concerns in regards to my case was always answered promptly.  Matthew Singer always has your six.

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