Welcome to the website for the Law Office of Matthew T. Singer.

We are a small team of attorneys and staff that offer specialized service to our client’s in Defense Base Act, Civil Litigation, Family Law and Criminal Defense cases.  We pride ourselves in the zealous representation of our clients and the high level of service we provide.  Our goal is to create legal solutions for our client’s that serve their best interests.

What sets us apart from other firms is our level of dedication to achieving successful outcomes for our clients and the personal relationships we form with our clients during this process.  This relationship is important because the client is a critical part of our team.  The relationships we forge with our clients allow us to build trust and effective lines of communication which are key in any team and in any litigation.

We have experience handling all types of cases from very complex Defense Base Act or Second Amendment cases to simple Traffic Tickets or uncontested Divorces and everything in between.  Mr. Singer has gained experience well beyond his years by learning from his father with his more than 40 years litigation experience.  Mr. Singer began working for his father at a young age working his way up through every position at the firm until he made partner at The Singer Law Firm.

In 2010, Matthew Singer decided he wanted to focus on Defense Base Act cases and opened his own firm in St. Louis, Missouri located in the center of the United States.  Since that time Mr. Singer has represented clients in more than 5 countries and 35 states. He has successfully represented clients in front of the Department of Labor, Office of Administrative Law Judges and the Benefits Review Board as well as State and Appellate Courts including the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our firm grows each year because we provide outstanding service to our clients and we are rewarded for our efforts with an increasing amount of business.  In order to keep up with this growth and as a strategic move towards providing the highest level of legal representation we select summer clerks who show an eagerness for and an aptitude towards our litigation practice.  This requires a sharp mind, good mental disposition and never quit attitude.  If after the summer, the student has surpassed our expectations we offer them a year round clerk position.  Through this we are able to teach law students the practical side of law along with their classroom education.  This process creates attorneys who are graduating from law school with a more complete education.  These attorneys are then ready to hit the ground running with real world experience under their belt.

At The Law Office of Matthew T. Singer we learn from every experience and grow to become a stronger firm able to more easily adapt and overcome any obstacle because litigation can be unpredictable and our clients demand results.  Please contact us if you are interested in speaking to us about a legal matter or a career in the legal field.

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